DCI Products


The Cinevision (Full-Color) Series incorporates the latest in electronic technology and True Outdoor RGB LED Diodes to produce the most dynamic high visibility displays available. DCI’s Cinevision series creates naturally vibrant color while utilizing maximum contrast to display three-dimensional presentations of Text, Graphics, Animations, and Real Time Video. up to 590 QUINTILLION COLORS!

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards allow advertisers to display relevant marketing messages to target audiences in a time functioning manner.  This new revolution in outdoor advertising has been shown to increase revenue for billboard owners. Only 1,000 out of the 450,000 billboards in the US have been upgraded to digital billboards, now is a profitable time to enter this market.


DCI’s SPORTSVISION Advanced Video Display Series is incorporated with State-Of-The-Art Electronic Sign Technology for optimum performance in a Live environment. SPORTSVISION is especially designed to display High Quality Graphics/Animations and Real-Time Video. DCI’s SPORTSVISION is highly prized and used in the sports entertainment market. up to 590 QUINTILLION COLORS!


DCI’s Multivision LED Display Series utilizes latest electronic technology to present True Outdoor color combinations of Red/Green/Amber or Red/Blue/Pink. Multivision’s state-of-the-art color configuration allows for maximum viewing distance from the largest angle in the industry. DCI’s Multivision technology allows for best 2D/3D applications of Text, Graphics, and Animations. up to 268.4 BILLION COLORS!


DCI’s Monovision LED Display Series accesses state-of-the-art electronic technology to create True Outdoor RED or AMBER presentations. Monovision’s advanced grayscale system automatically depicts and arranges different color shades for optimal viewing quality. DCI’s Monovision technology is best used for text and basic graphic/animation advertising. up to 4096 COLORS.


Welcome to the most dynamic indoor Digital Display on the market. This versatile product can be manufactured to any size specification and comes in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm as standard sizes. For applications such as small kiosks, indoor showroom displays, or large indoor stadiums, this is the product you have been searching for.

Architectural Lightning


DCI’s Architectural Digital Design (ADD) technology is constantly moving toward greater visual presentation in LED Digital Design. Everything from simplistic decorative lighting to the newly available animated lighting with entire building displays, LED displays, is the cost effective product of choice.

DCI Traveler

DCI’s Traveler is a new innovative way of advertising to the public. The Traveler is a mobile advertising unit that allows the customer to display their products and services at multiple locations. The Traveler’s ability to display advertisements anywhere you can drive, is one of the key features in what makes this product so desirable.