Digital Billboards

Digital billboards provide a source for advertisers to display relevant marketing messages to target audiences in a time functioning manner. It is for these reasons that digital billboards have been getting a lot of attention in the outdoor industry. This new revolution in outdoor advertising has been shown to increase revenue for billboard owners. Only 1,000 out of the 450,000 billboards in the US have been upgraded to digital billboards, now is a profitable time to enter this market.

Our digital billboards are able to comply with any state, local regulation, or law. DCI billboards are adapted to work with your local and state rules, while providing a wide range of capabilities and features.

On top of the benefits provided to you and your customers, local community groups and law enforcement agencies will gain a great benefit from a digital billboard. Everything from town meetings, to public announcements, to emergency warnings can be displayed to your audiences.

State-of-the-Art Advertising Technology

Digital Billboards are the newest and greatest way to advertise to mass commuters. Having a Digital Billboard means you can change, add, or delete advertisements in a matter of minutes, without having to hire someone to install, maintain, or take down previous advertisements. In addition, DCI’s Digital Billboards are equipped to meet any and all city requirements and regulations.

Customer Advertisement Tracking

The software used in our Digital Billboards was custom made specifically for those who desire to sell advertisements. The Digital Billboard software can keep track of an unlimited amount of Customers and associate their advertisements with them. By doing this, our software allows the owner to keep track of the exact amount of times each advertisement has been shown and the total duration of advertisements shown. In addition to keeping track of all this information, the Digital Billboard software can print out customized time periods for billing purposes.