DCI Traveler Series

DCI’s Traveler is a new innovative way of advertising to the public. The Traveler is a mobile advertising unit that allows the customer to display their products and services at multiple location

The Traveler’s ability to display advertisements anywhere you can drive, is one of the key features in what makes this product so desirable. Is traffic taking up your time? Display your products and services during high traffic times, in the actual traffic. Companies pay huge amounts of money to place their advertisements on cars. Tap into that expanding market on a grander scale. Why settle for displaying a single static advertisement when you show an entire commercial.or yearly basis.

Unrestricted Locations

A grounded sign advertises to customers based on a single location. DCI’s Traveler has the capability to be moved to different locations so that you are no longer limited to just one location. You now have the power to bring your advertisements directly to the customers. Advertise at valuable key points in the city. Advertise in popular parking lots, during rush hour traffic, even at city wide special events.

Rent Your Display

The Traveler’s ability to be relocated at a moment’s notice allows for the owner of the sign to rent it’s use to other customers. Cater to those customers who would just like utilize a DCI Display for a limited time. The software that runs the DCI Traveler can keep track of the amount of time used so that you may charge for a hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.