DCI’s Multivision LED Display Series utilizes latest electronic technology to present True Outdoor color combinations of Red/Green/Amber or Red/Blue/Pink. Multivision’s state-of-the-art color configuration allows for maximum viewing distance from the largest angle in the industry. DCI’s Multivision technology allows for best 2D/3D applications of Text, Graphics, and Animations. up to 268.4 BILLION COLORS!

Sometimes referred to as the “Poor Man’s Full Color”, this product is perfect for the business who wants to stand out from the typical monochrome displays used by their competitors. Multivision offers 268.4 Billion shades in a either a red/blue, red/green or blue/amber palette, at a very affordable price. If you like the impacts of a full color Display, but have a limited budget to work with, our Multivision provides you with an alternative. Exact same equipment and function as a full color, but with a more limited color palette. DCI offers more color shades in multicolor than most suppliers offer in full color.

Dual-Color Spectrum

Multivision utilizes two different colored LEDs to combine into several billion variant color shades. When both diodes are lighted they produce a blended third color. Red and Green combined produce Amber. Blue and Red combined produce Pink. Blue and Amber combined produce Lavender. Each of these three color options are available as a Multivision display. The most common though is the Red and Green Multivision.

Low-Cost Alternative

Often customers will want an LED Display that has all the bells and whistles, but can not afford the price of a Full color display. The Multivision series allows the customer the ability to have a display that can show more than just one color, but at the fraction of the cost of a fullcolor system.