Combining Signage

Every type of signage has their purpose. Channel letters help label businesses apart, identification signs act as locators, and LED Displays help draw in more customers by advertising changing content. In the past we have discussed when it is best to buy each type of signage. Today I would like to talk about instances in which different types of signage are combined and which combinations work well with each other.

The Classic

This type of combination combines the use of an Identification sign with a LED Digital Display. This is by far the most common setup available, it works for both monument and pole structures alike. To obtain this, you use the Identification sign made of Lexan or Acrylic to display your logo, business name, and immediate contact details like your phone number. Any or all of these three elements can be used, but that is the general outline. The LED Sign is then used to display products, services, and promotions. Typically, the Identification sign is placed on top of the LED Display and both are set to the maximum height allowed by the structure. Recently however, many clients have opted to put the LED sign on top of the identification sign to give the LED Display longer visibility.

The Retro

This setup combines the use of LED Lit Architectural Tubing, LED Display, and a Channel Design. The Channel Design is placed at the top of the sign and is internally lit with reverse back-lighting behind the design. The LED Display is then located below the Channel Design and outlined with the LED Architectural Tubing. This overall layout provides a retro feel to the signage by simulating a neon look, but still incorporating the new digital aspects of the LED Display.

The Basic

Combining the use of Channel Letters and Identification signs provides many clients with the basic signage they need to conduct business. This option is often used by multi-tenant businesses because they can easily swap out tenants without restructuring the sign. The channel letters are typically used for the overall development’s identity/name. This combination tends to be on the cheaper scale, but it is one that has weathered the test of time.

The Futuristic

For those businesses who truly want to make an impact this combination is great. First the signage area is covered with a LED Video Wall. Then a Channel Design usually the company’s logo is placed centered horizontally on top of the Video Wall and internally lighted. What makes this setup so cool is that the video wall can display advertisements, moving backgrounds, and varied artistic designs, all around the company’s logo to draw in more attention. Take your business and profits into the next generation with this new age innovative combination.