Selling Digital Displays

Datatronic Control, Inc (DCI) is a LED Sign Manufacturer. We produce all of our displays here in the US which then get sold all around the world. Since we are the manufacturer, we rely heavily on sales from sign companies, who purchase the displays on behalf of their customer. So today, I thought we would take a moment to go over some basic selling tips that would help make this whole process as smooth as possible.

Tip #1: Research the Customer

Finding out as much as you can about your customer can help you immensely in determining the best signage for them. Look at what space is available at their location for potential signage. After all, you don’t want to sell them a 20’ long sign if they only have 10’ of space.  Find out if they have multiple locations. There may be extra discounts that can be applied if they order for more than one location. Look at the surrounding area around their location, make note of any possible obstructions that may need to be considered to optimize their signage.

Tip #2: Prepare Multiple Options

Every one of your customers is unique. They have their own special way of conducting business and selling their productions/services. Since every customer’s business is different, it is highly advised to have multiple signage options available for them to choose from. My best advice is to have a minimum of 3 signage options available. A high-end option that maximizes their signage potential, a low-end set of options that would work if they are on a tight budget, and a mid-range option should they want a bit more than the lower, but not quite as good as the high-end. Careful though, while it is good to have multiple options, don’t go overboard. You don’t want to hand your customer 20 different quotes and overload them with so many choices that they can’t decide.

I would also suggest that you have some mock-up drawings available as visual aids to help show the customer. We here at DCI offer this as a general service to help you during sells. In order to obtain a drawing, we ask that you send a straight on, level picture of the desired location along with the size of an object in the general area to scale from.

Tip #3: Sell for the Customer, not to the Customer

This tip delves into selling ethics. We here at DCI want to make sure that customers get the best displays for their business. That means making sure that the customer’s needs and wants come first. Sometimes it may be more desirable to sell a slightly smaller display in order to match already existing signage. Sure, it would mean less commission, but in the end, it would benefit the customer the most. Trust me, having a customer know that you are looking out for them goes a long way. It will often lead to repeat business, better referrals/reviews, and increase your selling reputation.

Tip #4: Know the Product

This is crucial. Make sure that you know the product that you are selling in full detail. Nothing will kill a sell faster, then not being able to answer questions from the customer. As a manufacturer, we offer complete in-depth specifications for all of our led displays. We are also available to discuss with you all the types of signage that we provide as well as common questions many clients ask. So, feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have before going in to meet with a customer.