Here at Datatronic Control, Inc. we’re known as innovators in the LED Industry. We are constantly presenting some of the newest technology available for LED Displays. Our latest product line focuses more on tightening the resolution of outdoor digital displays to 8mm. So, review some of the highlights and benefits of the 8mm series.


The most noticeable difference in our new 8mm Displays is the enhanced resolution. Due to the pixels being placed even closer together, we are able to achieve in a 44% greater pixel density compared to our 10mm series. This results in higher clarity on images, videos, and text. The 8mm series is truly the next high definition standard for the Outdoor LED Display Industry.


You might be wondering if 8mm is so much better, why hasn’t anyone else come out with this before? Truth is they have tried but everyone has run into the same problem, producing enough brightness to make it viable outdoors. 8mm displays have been around for a few years now, but they have been limited to indoor units only. This is because the diodes used would often burn out if turned up to a brightness required to be visible outdoors. This is where our unique design takes over. We engineered our diodes to be able to withstand a higher threshold of heat and allow us to crank up the brightness without risking the diode’s integrity.


Along with a new higher resolution, we were able to maintain our higher standard for color quality for the 8mm series. All of our digital displays can produce up to 590 Quintillion Color Shades. We find that continuing with a higher quality of color further enhances our reputation as one of the top leaders in LED Sign Industry.


A major benefit of the 8mm series is that the displays can be shown in both indoor and outdoor environments. By synchronizing the resolution across both areas this allows for a more unified graphic presentation. Meaning, you can have the same size display with the same resolution in different locations, and utilize the same graphics without having to alter the way they look. This helps out quite a bit for customers who plan to place multiple displays at their location.