Channel Letters

Channel letters are customizable metal or plastic letters commonly used as exterior signage on the outside of storefronts, strip malls, public buildings and offices, and are often illuminated, although they don’t have to be. Channel letters have helped businesses shape their identity and offer brand awareness and visibility from miles away.

There are hundreds of possible channel letter choice combinations. From varied fonts to materials, styles, sizes and colors, the experts at DCI can customize channel letters to fit the style, theme and brand of your business. There are even illumination options, such as LED Backlighting and Reverse Backlighting , giving you more opportunity to find channel letters that will not only match your business’s style, but its needs as well. Channel letters require very little maintenance and are designed to last for years, making them one of the best investments you will make in your business.

Freestanding Signs

For easy visibility and presentation, our freestanding display frames are ideal for any industry. Popular for stand-alone businesses and shopping centers with many units, freestanding signs can be custom made to fit the identity of its surroundings.

Our freestanding display frames can come in three forms: post and panel signs, monument signs and pylon signs. Each one serving a different purpose, our team can work with you to find which best serves your business needs. All of our freestanding signs are manufactured with premium products to promote UV resistance and durability for permanent outdoor use, and for your convenience, our team works with the appropriate parties to assist in the obtaining of the proper permits required for specific projects.

Post and panel signs and pylon signs, for example, are comprised of three components: the cabinet, cabinet faces and sign support are fabricated with a number of different durable materials. The sign cabinet is made with either an aluminum tubing or aluminum extrusion and the sign’s cabinet faces can be made from a polycarbonate, acrylic, aluminum, or flex face backlit material. Meanwhile, our monument signs are designed to match their corresponding building, and therefore, are crafted from materials like stone or brick to match the color and texture. You can choose from one of our many standard models, or our team can work with your mason to develop a texture that best replicates its surroundings.

Building Signs

Your outdoor signs are the calling cards for the business. What do yours say about your company? Do your markers identify you as an outfit that is quickly eclipsing the competition? Do they point to you as a thought leader in your niche? How can you make these signage solutions matter – and what are your options in the first place?

Whether you choose an illuminated light-box cabinet, printed awnings, or vinyl graphics, your building sign is a way-finding tool and marketing instrument rolled into one. As you identify your location for motorists and pedestrians alike, you also hint at the branding that your logo announces.

Architectural Digital Design (ADD)

DCI’s Architectural Digital Design (ADD) technology is constantly moving toward greater visual presentation in LED Digital Design. Everything from simplistic decorative lighting to the newly available animated lighting with entire Building displays with LED displays; ADD is the cost effective product of choice.

Competition in every business category has increased tenfold, creating an even greater need to be the “stand out” site in the field. Our new Architectural Digital Designs can assist any business location with any budget to accomplish that goal. Imagination is the only limit.

DCI Architectural Digital Designs are excellent for high profile highlighting on part or all of a building structure. This alternative advertising method is new and unique, ADD is city code friendly, with a variety of designs to fit every need.