Technical Services


Datatronic Control’s maintenance program is specifically designed for those customers who wish their LED displays to be kept in prime working condition. As with all technology, LED displays over time will sustain wear and tear, eventually causing the unit to cease from functioning. The amount of time though that the LED display functions is a direct dependent on how well maintained the unit is. A poorly kept LED display with no maintenance will have a significantly lower lifespan than one that has regular maintenance. A good comparison is that a LED display is just like a Car, every so often you have to go in for a Tune-up. DCI’s maintenance program makes sure that all units are well within the optimum standards of working condition during its lifespan. This option may be elected by the customer at which they must obtain a service agreement for their LED display. Customer may obtain a service agreement by calling DCI’s main office and talking to a service technician.

Service Repair

Service Repair Datatronic Control’s Service Repair Center is dedicated to assisting customers with repairing or replacing damaged display parts in a timely fashion. DCI Service Technicians will repair/replace any part that is covered under warranty free of charge; shipping and labor cost may still apply. Parts under warranty are in most cases sent at the time of request; dependent on customer sending damaged parts to Datatronic Control, Inc. When requesting a part be repaired or replaced all customers must obtain a RMA # from the DCI Service Department before sending any part(s) to Datatronic Control, Inc. Note: All RMA #’s must be printed legibly on the outside of the shipment in at least three noticeably visible area’s, all shipments without an RMA # will be refused and mailed back to the sender.

In-House Service Calls

Datatronic Control’s in house service team is ready and waiting to assist customers with all issues that might occur with a DCI LED display. To reach the DCI service center please call the main office number and request to talk to a technician. All technicians assisting customers will be able to give general instructions on how to fix an issue. In-depth training will not be given over the phone. DCI technicians are trained to deal with both hardware and software issues.

Individual Webinar Training

Datatronic Control’s now offers individual webinar software training services. These webinar services are offered to customers as a cheaper alternative to on-site software training. Each webinar is custom tailored to the participant’s specific need for a sign.  The customer will be allowed to speak and ask questions during the entire webinar session. Every webinar is recorded and a copy will be made available within a few days after the webinar. The customer is required to have access to an internet connection to participate.

Group Webinar Training

Datatronic Control’s now offers group webinar software training services. This webinar service is offered to customers as an even cheaper alternative to the individual webinar software training. Each webinar may contain up to 10 participants during each session.  Participants will be allowed to speak and ask questions towards the end of each session. Every webinar is recorded and a copy is make available to each participant within a few days after the webinar. All participants are required to have access to an internet connection to participate. Call for pricing and scheduling.


Sign Design Services

Engineered Drawing

In this option, Datatronic Control’s Design Group engineers technical drawings with DCI’s LED display included. These drawings contain measurements of DCI’s LED display as well as measurements for the sign structure. All sizes are met according to the customer’s specifications. These drawings may or may not be used in the actual production of the sign unit.

LED Sign Representation

In a LED Sign Representation, a photograph is taken of where the desired future sign is to be located. Then a measurement of some item close to the proximity of where the sign is to be located is measured. The picture and the measurement are then sent to the DCI design group and an estimated representation of what the sign purchased would look like is placed within the photograph. This option is commonly used to give the customer a view of what different sign sizes will look like before they order. Most commonly photographs are used with static pictures, but DCI’s design group can show moving video in the photograph should the situation call for it.

Identification Sign Design

These types of signs are normally static displays that identify a company’s business. Customers will usually purchase an ID Sign along with an LED display unit to give their business a fresh new look. As a trend these signs are normally placed just above the LED display unit so as to provide a header for the advertisements the LED display presents. DCI’s design team has recognized this growing demand and has perfected its designs to include ID Sign Development. Should this option be elected, the customer will either provide DCI with the Artwork for the ID sign or Artwork will be created according to the customer’s specifications.


Certification Services

Hardware Certification

Datatronic Control Certified Technicians train the customer(s) on how to best understand the hardware of the LED display unit. They will go over common issues that might pop up out in the field and how to best solve them. In addition, the DCI Technicians will teach the customers on how to best maintain DCI’s LED displays so that they are always at optimum performance. This amount of training usually takes two to three days. After which the DCI Technicians will award a certification of completion stating that the customer(s) are qualified to perform service and maintain DCI’s LED displays.

Software Certification

Datatronic Control, Inc.’s Software Certification program includes training on DCI Desktop and Player software. DCI Software Technicians will insure that the customer(s) are knowledgeable in all areas of both software’s and understand how each can be used in different applications. DCI Software training usually takes one day to complete. Upon completing DCI’s Software Certification program the customer(s) will obtain an award of certification on all DCI Display Software. They will then be qualified to perform software changes to DCI LED displays.

Average Certification Times

Hardware Certification: 3-4 Hours
Software Certification: 4-6 Hours


Consultation Services

DCI LED Display Quotes

DCI’s marketing department prides itself in working with the customer to find the best possible LED display unit for the lowest price. Since Datatronic Control, Inc. is a Direct LED Manufacturer, we are able to supply the best possible units cheaper than other LED Manufacturers. The DCI Marketing Department’s structure is specifically designed so that DCI will not have to sacrifice quality for price. Also, DCI’s Marketing department will determine the need in a customer’s area so that a customer purchases the best possible LED display for their location. DCI’s Marketing Department has been noted as friendly, helpful, honest, and a vital asset to anyone who is looking to learn more information on LED displays in the Sign Industry.

If you would like to request a quotation for your location, please call the main office and ask to talk to a DCI Sales Representative or fill out our online Quote Request Form. DCI will always try to beat the competition’s prices no matter what size LED Display is in question.

Legal Recommendation

Westerburg & Thornton P.C.

DCI highly recommends Westerburg & Thornton P.C. to our sign dealers. They are experts in dealing with the sign industries issues. We have dealt with him for over 8 years now and have never lost a case.

Primary Contact: Steve Thorton
Phone: 214-528-6040

(5 stars highly recommended)


Installation Services


Datatronic Control, Inc. offers the Inspection/Training option to those customers who prefer that DCI Technicians be present at the time of LED Display install.

During a sign installation several things can go wrong or get over looked. Having the assistance of a DCI Certified Technician can benefit the customer by making sure that the sign installers following the installation steps accurately without errors. DCI Technicians will make sure that your sign is properly grounded, is completely sealed off from water, and is in working order when the sign is inspected.

To purchase this option please contact DCI’s Marketing Department, at main office, for a quotation.


DCI’s Technicians will personally train those individuals designated by the customer for DCI Dekstop Software Training. DCI will insure that those who are trained on how to use this software will be able to program pictures, graphics, and advanced messages on the LED display unit(s). As well as be able to schedule those items in a time efficient sequence.

To purchase this option please contact DCI’s Marketing Department, at main office, for a quotation.


Datatronic control, Inc. does not perform any electrical services at any installation. We advise that you contact a local certified electrician for all electrical needs.


Graphic Design Services

Free Graphics

Datatronic Control, Inc. provides customers who purchase a LED display unit with over 200,000 free animations. All these animations can be used with DCI’s Desktop software to be viewed on your LED Display.

5-Free Custom Graphics

Datatronic Control, Inc. allows all customers who purchase a LED display unit to request up to five free custom graphics be designed for them. These graphics may include but are not limited to Text, 3-D Text, Animations, Pictures, and Video (provided the customer supplies the video). These five free graphics will be loaded onto your DCI LED display unit and set to run when you receive it. All graphics requests must be made two weeks before the display unit is to be sent. Customers may submit graphics requests by mail, fax, email, or phone.[/fusion_old_tab]

Content Management

Clients who buy LED Displays often do not update their signs on a regular basis. Advertisements by nature need to be changed or they become stagnant and uninteresting. Many companies are finding employee and budget cuts make it difficult to maintain up-to-date content. In order to help, DCI is now offering a content management system. DCI staff can work with you directly, from a weekly or monthly basis, to ensure your display always has the most effective advertising available. To those customers who have internet access, DCI can now manage a DCI LED display directly through the internet.

***Call 1-800-527-1229 for pricing options.