When to Buy a New Sign

Now you might be thinking, “Advice on when to buy a sign…from a sign manufacturer? You’re probably going to say all the time, right?” Well as much as we do love selling signs, we much prefer to sell them when they will be beneficial to the client. We gain just as much as you when your business succeeds, because that gives room for signage expansion. So, I thought we could go over some crucial times in which buying a new sign can most benefit your venture.

The Grand Opening

Arguably one of the most important times to purchase signage for your location is when it is first opening. The success of your company depends on the visual recognition it receives. Placing a LED Display at your company directs passing traffic to your location. Adding static identification signage to your building can help customers identify your brand. Even displaying indoor LED displays can impress clients and further enhance their first impressions of your business. Adding signage at the very beginning is a key marketing move to ensure success.

The Slump

It is a well-known fact that every business or venture will have its ups and downs. It is during these down periods that the true grit of a company is tested. The initial response to these slumps in business is to play defensively and try to avoid spending money. This method of thinking has time and time again proven to do more harm than good to a business. You know that Ole Saying, “You have to spend money to make money.” Well that directly applies during these times. In order to increase sales and bring in more customers, you need to Advertise. This is why during these slumps we recommend purchasing LED Displays. They work 24/7, attract immediate local customers, and often will increase sales by over 60%. We here at DCI have several success stories from our customers who took the leap and purchased a digital display during their hardest times. Sure-enough each and every one of them are still in business and doing better than they ever imagined.

To Spice Things Up

Being new in town is nice because everyone wants to see what you have to offer. But after a few years, many businesses see a drop in sales due to normalization. It is at these moments that we advise you to Spice Things Up. Buy an Outdoor LED Display to regain their attention, then purchase a few Indoor LED Displays to dazzle them with a fresh renewed spirit. The point is to convince your clients that your company cares enough to keep them interested and maintain their attention.

To Compete

Nothing can be more daunting to a business than having the competition move in right across the street. It is at these moments you have to prove to your clients that you are the better choice. This is yet again a moment in which you need to ramp up advertising and improve your image. DCI Digital Displays are perfect for this occasion because they directly advertise and draw in attention away from the competing entity.