Making LED Displays Even More Affordable

Digital Signage ranks as some of the most effective advertising mediums available on the market. There are several ways in which owners of these displays can make a sizable profit and purchasing signage direct from a Manufacturer, like DCI, can significantly reduce the initial cost.  In this article we are going to go over some of the many ways you can go about making them even more affordable.


This is probably the most common option that clients use to finance digital displays. The reason this option is so popular is because it allows clients to break up the initial cost of the digital signage into multiple smaller payments to be make over several years.

DCI has many leasing companies that work with us and provide special unique rates that are design specifically to help clients afford our digital signage. Alternatively, clients can decide to use their own leasing company if they would rather stick to a company with which they already have a relationship.

Sponsors / Donors

Everywhere you go there are a variety of Philanthropists who desire to help the community grow and prosper. These companies and individuals will often help fund the purchase of digital signage for small businesses, schools, and churches. This option is great for those clients who might have difficulty coming up with the funds themselves. Finding a potential donor or sponsor is not as hard as you may think either. The best place to start is by contacting the “Big Name” businesses in your area to see if they would like the opportunity to help you.


Another way to help bring down the cost of digital signage is to start a fundraiser. Churches and Schools love this option because many people in their communities will often help support their growth. Sometimes it can take a little bit longer to accumulate the funds compared to leasing or having a sponsor, but with a solid goal in mind purchasing the latest in digital signage is definitely within reach.

Section 179

I kept this option for last because it can be used separately for the signage buyer or combined with any of the methods above. The Section 179 tax law allows you to claim the purchase of digital signage against your taxes, providing a much-desired tax break. Nearly all of our clients use this to save money and allow them to purchase bigger displays that would have been previously out of their budget. If interested in pursuing this method, we highly advise you to talk with your tax professional to see how much money you could save.