Made in the USA: Why it Matters!

For the past several years there has been an influx of LED Displays sold in the US that have been made in China. Companies who sell product like this are often just out to make some quick money, and care very little about the quality of display sold to the customer. So, for this article I would like to discuss the advantages of buying LED Displays made in the United States.


It is fairly common knowledge among all items sold by China that they are cheaply made. This applies to all industries and the LED Industry is no exception. LED Displays sold from China offer little to no warranty because they are designed to be expendable units. Companies in the US that sell these units are not worried about the quality of the display, instead they are more focused on getting payment from the customer. When the display fails, these companies immediately try to sell a replacement unit or charge large amounts for repairs.

In contrast, it is fairly well known that items made in the USA have been associated with being crafted with quality. This is particularly true for LED Displays because every part manufactured is designed specifically operate for extreme performance. All LED Displays made by DCI are manufactured in the US and as such our displays have a higher specification than many units on the market. The LEDs used are brighter, higher grade, and last longer. The frames are made with a stronger grade metal for extra durability. All modules are tediously inspected to root out any possibility for flaws. All this has allowed us to maintain our image as a High-End Quality LED Display Manufacturer.

Reliable Expectations

When you, the customer, purchase a LED Display you expect it to display what you want, when you need it. You expect it to work. The question is whether or not you want to leave these expectations up to chance. When you purchase a LED Display from China, you are doing just that. There is no guarantee that it will work from one day to the next. You are at their mercy for them to decide to help you should something happen, and you need technical support.  This all assuming that you can even get a hold of someone.

We here at DCI don’t think that your expectations for a working display should be left out of your control. This is why we put so much attention into our product in the first place. We want to make sure that our LED Displays are there operating at full potential when you need them. Since we do manufacture all the parts in the USA, we can easily have replacement parts on hand and ready should the worst happen to your display.


Ah Ha! I bet your thinking, well displays made in China are cheaper and save me money. Sorry to burst your moment of triumph, but while it is true they are cheaper initially, they won’t save you money in the long run. Even if the initial price of a display made in China is cheap, nearly all customers who purchase these units end up paying 2-4x that amount in repairs or replacements usually all within the first year. Displays made in China are not designed to last, and if your extremely lucky, might last your two years as most. Then you’re forced to get a whole new unit and the cycle of wasting your money continues.

Of course, all this massive expenditure could have been avoided if you had paid just a little extra for a higher quality LED Display made from DCI. The display would carry a 5-year warranty with over 100,000-hour operation life-time. Since we are a US Manufacturer, all parts needed would be available in much faster times than if you had to wait for them to be shipped overseas. Furthermore, you would have access to our highly skilled Technical Team for any help or if issues arise.