The Cinevision (Full-Color) Series incorporates the latest in electronic technology and True Outdoor RGB LED Diodes to produce the most dynamic high visibility displays available. DCI’s Cinevision series creates naturally vibrant color while utilizing maximum contrast to display three-dimensional presentations of Text, Graphics, Animations, and Real Time Video. up to 590¬†QUINTILLION COLORS!

The most popular Display we offer. This technology allows even a s mall business to provide their client a visual as well as text/numeric method for advertising their specific products and services. Think of having the ability to download pictures from the Internet, scan in pictures of any product, show people in your service department providing those services, and play AVI files, logos and animations, even use your video camera to record and play an event in real time, as it happens!! Size differentiates the in-town display from the larger highway application. Get the look of Las Vegas right in front of your own business at an affordable price.

Largest Color Spectrum

Cinevision uses Red, Green, and Blue diodes in unison to provide viewers with the largest range of colors available for LED Displays. Combining the use of these three colors with DCI’s

Intense Contrast Depth

The visual contrast of an LED can be limited by the quality of the diode. Lower Quality diodes have a lower threshold capacity, and thus a lower contrast range. Datatronic Control, Inc. utilizes the Best Quality of Diodes for enhanced visual impact.

Realistic Color Tones

Are you looking to display people on your sign? Or perhaps going for a natural “Green” message? Then, DCI’s Cinevision series is the perfect match for those who want to present a more natural message.