DCI’s Monovision LED Display Series accesses state-of-the-art electronic technology to create True Outdoor RED or AMBER presentations. Monovision’s advanced grayscale system automatically depicts and arranges different color shades for optimal viewing quality. DCI’s Monovision technology is best used for text and basic graphic/animation advertising. up to 4096 COLORS.

When looking for high brightness intensity, single color display, Monovision will surpass your expectations. Not limited to the limited viewing angle of others, the 160ยบ viewing provides a great range of visibility eliminating the need to V-install most sites. In addition, Monovision offers the same features of our higher end displays, including 256-512 gray-scale. This feature allows shading (in shades of red or amber) of the image or text can show a 3-D image even though it is a single color unit. This looks especially good in the evenings or night when you have more environmental contrast. Many sizes and configurations to choose from.

Single-Color Spectrum

Monovision uses only one diode color to present messages. Don’t be fooled though, the Monovision series still combines with DCI’s Enhanced Contrasting system, therefor providing up to 4096 color shades. The Monovision series comes in either Red or Amber standard, or any other color as a custom order.

Eye-catching Advertisements and Alerts

The Monovision series primary use was designed around getting the customer’s attention. By solely utliizing one color LED, messages displayed on a Monovision sign resemble an Alert Status. This means, customers are will notice and read the any message on a Monovision sign, but not get distracted by it.