LED Display Advertising Tips

Digital Displays can be an amazing boon to for your business, but many people often under utilize their capabilities. Through this article I am going to explains some key tips that will help boost the effectiveness of your LED Display.

Change is Good!

LED Displays are built for change. They can display multiple messages throughout the day, keeping the passing viewer entertained and informed. The more updated content you put on display the more people will get in the habit of purposefully looking for these changes. But, having stagnant messages on your display will quickly cause them to lose interest.

Typically, a good time frame of reference for when to change your messages is about once per week. Going more than 2-3 weeks without changing the display though can drastically reduce your sign’s efficiency.

Engage the Public

Displaying your products or services is all fine and dandy, but there are several ways to develop content that will actively engage your target clients.

The simplest method is to include time and temperature reports on your display. As people pass by your sign they will get in the habit of checking your display to confirm their own clocks and get updates on the temperature. This will further increase the chance that when they look, they will catch another advertisement during that time.

Another method is to provide specials and discounts specifically to those individuals who reference seeing the advertisement on the display. Doing this will constantly keep them looking back at your display for new promotions.

You could also go the informative route. By posting messages about events happening in your community, potential clients will have yet another reason to keep looking at your sign daily.

Short and Sweet

To advertise effectively on your sign, you need to keep in mind that the people viewing these messages are moving by at a decently fast speed. They have to keep the main focus of their attention on driving. So, when creating messages for your sign, the main idea is to keep it short and sweet. Get straight to the point and advertise your product or service with the least amount of text as possible. Remember a picture can say 1,000 words.

Schedule in Advance

Every once in a while, we will get a call in from a customer saying that their sign is off. Upon looking at their system we will find out that the schedule ended and they had not sent out a new one. This is why we recommend that you set the end date for the last schedule in your system for a couple years in advance. The reason for this is so that if there is a circumstance in which you cannot change the schedule at the specified time, your messages will continue to play. It allows for a safety window to ensure that your sign does not just go black due to the schedule running out.

You know what they say, “Time is Money” and every second your led sign is not displaying messages, that is money lost.