The Benefits of Permanent and Non-Permanent LED Displays

In this day and age the sign market is booming with all sorts of new technologies. LED displays are no exception either. Higher resolutions, Larger Formats, Brighter LEDs, the list goes on. But let’s take a moment to discuss the advantages of two subsets of LED Digital Displays, Permanent and Non-Permanent.

First let’s define each type of display:

Permanent LED Displays: Signs that remain in a fixed position, either on a wall, pole, or monument. These signs will often never move from their original installation.

Non-Permanent LED Displays: Signs that are designed to be moved to a variety of locations and be shown at multiple events. These can be attached to a trailer or broken down and re-assembled on site.

Advantages of Permanent LED Displays

One of the biggest benefits of having a permanent LED display is that it can help establish your business branding. Many clients use them to gain local recognition in the community as a trusted place of business. Consumers take notice of the constant changing advertisements causing them to see the company as fresh and engaging. Churches take primary advantage of this because they can interact and inform their local community of the newest programs and events.

In the case of billboards, maintaining a permanent location is vital. Advertisers look for key placement when doing ad campaigns through out a city. Keeping a prime location can allow for greater market potential when looking for clients to fill the billboard space.

Another big advantage is the aesthetic look LED signs can bring to your company. They can help fill blank wall surfaces, help populate the entrance grounds, or help decorate indoor fixtures. Clients will often get creative with how they incorporate their led display by placing them in artistic structural designs. Schools often will incorporate LED Displays as a primary way to show pride in their facility.

Advantages of Non-Permanent LED Displays

There are two types of Non-Permanent LED Displays, Mobile and Assemble. Mobile LED signs are displays that are fixed to a trailer. Vehicles can attach and pull these signs directly to the desired location. Mobile signs are immediately ready to be turned on and shown with very little setup involved. Once the event or contract is over, they can then be relocated to another location with little to no down-time.

Assembly LED Displays work slightly different. They are designed to be easily assembled at a desired location. They are modular by nature so the overall size of the display can be whatever the customer desires. They utilize Snap-Lock technology which allows them to be quickly assembled together.

Schools, Churches, and Event Centers tend to favor Non-Permanent displays because they can easily move them between venues.

Another key benefit of Non-Permanent LED Displays is that owners can rent them directly to the customer. The amount of money a client can make renting LED Displays to customers is astounding. Most clients earn enough money to make a living on purely renting displays to customers.