On-Premise Sign Advertising

“On-Premise” Advertising is a crucial aspect of any successful business. Thousands of potential customers pass by your location each day. Without an “on-premise” sign at the location you could be missing out on a lot of business. In addition to drawing in more income, “On-premise” Advertising can help promote your company branding.

What is an “On-Premise” Sign?

“On-Premise” signs are displays used to directly promote a single business or organization at their location. These types of signs can range from being placed on a pole, a monument, or directly on the wall of the business. As long as the content on the sign pertains to the company itself, it is classified as on-premise.

How can “On-Premise” Signs Help?

The primary benefit of “On-Premise” signs is Visibility. They tell the passing consumers where you are located, what you sell, and how to interact. If you take a moment to notice, every successful company has a variety of “On-Premise” signs that they incorporate to achieve these effects.¬† A logo sign to promote branding. A LED Display to show specials. Channel Letters to illuminate your name. These are just¬† a few ways that “On-Premise” Advertising can help your business.

Types of “On-Premise” Signs

Pole Signs

This type of signage is a freestanding structure that is detached from the building and supported by a pole. They will often have a cover to hide the pole and can be incorporated with dynamic and static displays. More recently in the industry these type of signs have LED Displays built into them so that advertisements can be seen from a greater distance.

Monument Signs

In contrast to Pole signs which are in the air, Monument signs are largely based closer to the ground. They are a separate structure from the building and often sit close to the road for better viewing. This type of signage often incorporates masonry within the design to further enhance the displays. As with pole signs, LED displays have become a standard source of advertisement for monument signs.

Wall Signs

Wall signs typically consist of a single type of signage that is bolted or welded to the side of the building. LED displays placed in this manner often incorporate the business logo/name in their messages to substitute for a static ID sign. While they may be further away from their counterparts (Pole/Monument), they often are allowed larger sizes to help counteract the distance.

Channel Letters

This type of signage incorporates the use of structured metal, poly-carbonate faces, and internal lighting to display static signage. They can come in a variety of different formats ranging from back-lit, reverse back-lit, solid plastic, solid metal, and even a combination of them all. Despite their name however, not all Channel Letters are just letters. This type of signage can be used to display logos, objects, and other artistic designs.