DCI’s SPORTSVISION Advanced Video Display Series is incorporated with State-Of-The-Art Electronic Sign Technology for optimum performance in a Live environment. SPORTSVISION is especially designed to display High Quality Graphics/Animations and Real-Time Video. DCI’s SPORTSVISION is highly prized and used in the sports entertainment market. up to 590¬†QUINTILLION COLORS!

The most dynamic Sports/Video Display System in the industry. True 590¬†Quintillion color capability, with Hot Key cut in for commercial or replay. From Professional level to smaller systems for Schools and Sports Organizations. DCI can provide the system to fit any image. Compare our specification capability to other equipment providers. We offer a product for every sport at every level. DCI has more experience in the Sport Display field than any other US manufacturer, including Full Color LED Displays seen in the Olympics, World Cup, and Sports Arena’s.

Easy Control Software

DCI’s Sportsvision software is custom designed to make it easy for those operating the display to change, edit, or replace content in Real-Time. Users can switch between Live Video and Premade messages with the simple push of a button.

Custom Designed

No Sportsvision design is eactly the same. Every sport has it’s own scoring needs, and all statiums pride themselves on thier unquie design layouts. It is because of these reasons DCI custom makes every Sportsvision order. We work closely with the customer to find out exactly what they need and want in a Sportsvision Display.

Incredible Video Frame Rate

At a Live Sports event, video playback is crucial. Customers don’t want to see what happens on the field minutes after it has happened. They want to see the game as it happens. For this reason, DCI’s Sportsvision has been equipped with an enhanced frame rate software technology that allows for split-second video playback capabilities. The Sportsvision Display shows the game events in Real-Time speeds.