Below is a typical list of all responsibilities that the electrician will need to handle.

1. All Electrical work must be done prior to any sign structure placement,installation, or visit for the Turn-On/Training service (if purchased) by DCI.

2. Install recommended grounding for the area – at least (1) 8’ Copper rod.

3. Install all data wiring in dedicated METAL weatherproof conduit.

4. Run the conduit and power line from power source to sign.

5. If applicable, run the datacable from the sign pc to the sign, in a dedicated weatherproof conduit.

6. Run the crossover power and data in separate weatherproof conduits from one face to the other.

7. If applicable, run the temperature probe cable from the sign/office computer to an appropriate outdoor area or from the DCI Control System to an appropriate outdoor area.

8. If applicable, run the network cables through the building.

9. Installation of any Wireless Radios.