DCI Support



DCI’s Technical staff is waiting on-hand to assist you with all hardware and software issuesthat might arise with your DCI display. Call the main office number on the contact pageand ask to speak with a technician. Please have on hand a call back number incase thetechnician needs to contact you after your call.


These frequently asked questions deal typically with issues that might arise when decidingto purchase a DCI LED display. Should you have any questions that are not covered in thissection please call our main office and ask to speak to an available sales manager.


Typical procedures that performed during the installation of a DCI display can be found inthis section. There are specific instructions that must be followed during an installation thatthe customer will be required to know. Failure to comply with specific instructions may compromise the customer’s warranty. If you have other questions or would like to check tomake sure you are following all instructions please call DCI’s main office and ask to speakto a technician.


DCI provides detailed information on all quotes so that the customer is completely informedof all aspects in a DCI display. Terms used in quote may be unclear on the meaning so DCIhas provided a Breakdown quote explaining each term, assisting the customer with theunderstanding of what they are purchasing.