DCI Desktop Software Features


  • Username and Password security features.


  • Program multiple displays from one computer.
  • Display searching features allow users to quickly locate specific signs.
  • IP address display assignment allows users to quickly add new signage to the software.
  • One button discovery feature will scan a range of IP addresses to locate signs to be added to the software.
  • Easy to apply updates, capable of updating software on multiple displays.
  • Users can customize weather images to be shown on the display.
  • Able to upload new fonts and weather images onto the sign.
  • Capable of displaying content on a secondary monitor from the programming computer.
  • Unique API keys assigned to each location to obtain information from the web.


  • Keep track of advertisements associated with each customer.
  • Easily add new customers when desired.
  • View and organize customer lists.
  • Retrieve customer billing and usage data from a display.
  • Able to filter between customer content using name, time shown, and the customer.
  • Enhanced detailed reports for individualized content.
  • Works with Excel to export data onto a spreadsheet.

Image Designer

  • User control access to manipulate images and content.
  • Resize, Flip, or Rotate images as desired.
  • Adjust image color settings using automatic, black/white, brightness, contract, curve manipulation, hue, saturation, invert, level control, and sepia controls.
  • Design using multiple layers with the ability to show/hide, reorganize, and blend them together.
  • Apply a variety of effect including but not limited to: Blurs, Distorts, Noise, Clouds, Edge Detection, Emboss, Frosted Glass, Glow, Oil Painting, Outline, Pixelate, Red-eye Removal, Relief, and Sharpen.
  • Save images created directly to the media library.

Text Designer

  • User friendly text interface allows for easy message creation with similar controls to common word editing programs
  • Text border controls with individual corner customization.
  • Multiple text boxes allowed each containing its own unique combination of settings.
  • Capable of importing backgrounds to support text display.
  • Advanced shadow controls allowing for multiple shadows at a variety of settings including color control.
  • Individualized shadow controls for the text as well as the text box.
  • Contains a large list of pre-designed styles for the user to choose.
  • Users may save their own styles in a custom library to use on future text messages.
  • Save text messages directly to the media library.


  • Users have the ability to organize created content in the media library.
  • Search features are available for finding specific content listed by name, customer, type, or date.
  • Easy access preview buttons are available for all content listed.
  • Simple three step process allows users to add content to the media library directly from their computer.
  • Integrated internet based image searcher allows for images to be directly downloaded into the media library.


  • Content ordered playlists allow the user to control the order in which content is displayed on a sign.
  • Drag N’ Drop features allow for content to be easily added to a playlist.
  • Users may freely reorder their playlists by dragging content around within the list.
  • Thumbnails are automatically generated for ease of use in determine the content of a message.
  • Images, Videos, and Utilities are separated by tabs so as to provide better flow control.
  • Utilities include time, temperature, weather, analog clocks, digital clocks, drive images, drive videos, and RSS feeds.
  • A preview area is provide in the center of the screen to display messages.
  • The preview area may be zoomed in or out as desired.
  • A full list preview button is available for customers to see how their playlists will be displayed.
  • Includes a large list of transitions for content including Random and None.
  • Duration controls allow the user to precisely display their messages.
  • Every content item contains its own settings, allowing for multiple configurations to be displayed on the same playlist.
  • Users may save settings applied to content as a template to be used in the future.
  • Save and Save As features are available.
  • A playlist library is available so that users may organize their playlists.
  • Every playlist in the library has its own edit button so that a user may load playlists easily.
  • An instant play feature is included allowing users to instantly send a playlist to the sign to be shown.
  • Users may also select the Extended Play button to display content on a secondary monitor.


  • Content may be scheduled on the sign to play at specific times.
  • Schedules may be created to appear on specific days of the week.
  • Multiple signs may be schedule using the same computer.
  • Users may add any number of schedules to a sign, limited only by the number of minutes in a day.
  • Schedules can be set to run for a short duration to duration’s exceeding 100 years in the future.
  • Date range schedules will work with daily reoccurring schedules provided no schedule overlaps.
  • Multiple playlists may be schedule on a sign.
  • Multiple schedule view settings are available including Day, Week, Month, and List View.
  • Capable of uploading multiple schedules all at once using a single button.

Google Drive Options

  • Users may choose to bypass DCI’s main software and use Google Drive to upload content to their signs.
  • Image and Video content can be uploaded to the sign via any internet connection.
  • Users can program signs using mobile data or WiFi on their phone.
  • Automatic duration and transition settings may be selected to be applied to new content that is uploaded to Google Drive.
  • Utility features from the playlist section may be shown with content uploaded to the Google Drive.