DCI’s Magnavision Series provides displays with superior legibility for distant viewing and is mainly used for large text/numeric applications. DCI’s Magnavision series is value priced to provide you with the lowest cost for the brightest maximum fill space. DCI’s quality commitment to the cutting edge high visibility, low maintenance, cost effective, Electronic Display applications; progressively yields greater revenues to your retail customers. up to 4096 COLORS!

Finally, a unit that can serve as a direct replacement for Incandescent Message Centers, this large character bright light display is especially suited for distance viewing applications. This is the brightest LED Display product in the industry.

The 25k – 45K MCD brightness makes this an automatic attention getter. Specifically designed for large text/numeric applications, or any application requiring impact at a distance, this unit is a workhorse. Not a chance a customer can miss your location with this Magnavision Display.

Single-Color Spectrum

Monovision uses only one diode color to present messages. Don’t be fooled though, the Monovision series still combines with DCI’s Enhanced Contrasting system, therefor providing up to 4096 color shades. The Monovision series comes in either Red or Amber standard, or any other color as a custom order.

Distance Viewing

The Magnavision was specifically designed for Long-Distiance Viewing. The larger Pixel Pitch sizes combined with Hightened Diode Brightness Intensity (up to 47,000 NITS), allows the Magnavision to be seen from miles away. This is often the perfect option for customers who put the displays high in the area to be viewed by Highway Traffic.