Digital Billboard Features

Understanding Digital Billboards and Displays

Digital billboards provide a source for advertisers to display relevant marketing messages to target audiences in a time functioning manner. It is for these reasons that digital billboards have been getting a lot of attention in the outdoor industry. This new revolution in outdoor advertising has been shown to increase revenue for billboard owners.

Our digital billboards are able to comply with any state, local regulation, or law. DCI billboards are adapted to work with your local and state rules, while providing a wide range of capabilities and features.

On top of the benefits provided to you and your customers, local community groups and law enforcement agencies will gain a great benefit from a digital billboard. Everything from town meetings, to public announcements, to emergency warnings can be displayed to your audiences.

What makes DCI the BEST?

Our history in manufacturing signs and electronic signs yields over 40 years experience. DCI displays are made in Texas, by Texans with only the best of American parts and materials. DCI has built countless displays over the years which can be found worldwide.

DCI is a manufacturer of a variety of Digital LED signs including indoor displays, outdoor displays, gas price, room rate, time temp, decorative LED Identification displays, window displays, and custom applications.


• Digital Displays manufactured by DCI reach 16,000+ nits in brightness.
• Our display faces are hermetically sealed and do not require face covers like some of our competitors.
• DCI Outdoor Digital Displays can display an upwards of 590 Quintillion color shades.
• Each Digital Display LED is calibrated so the colors match perfectly. No having one side darker than another.
• The 10mm LED is DCI’s most requested size. There are 2700 LEDs within one square foot on a 10mm Digital Display. This tight of a resolution provides Superb HD image quality.
• Each 10mm pixel has 3 LEDs. DCI’s design provides richer color and brighter displays than many of our competitors.


• DCI provides customers with 24/7 surveillance of digital displays using live interactive web cams.
• Unparalleled internet connection capabilities are provided using Cable or DSL services.
• Display dimming can be automatically scheduled to ensure appropriate brightness levels at user defined times, night or day. Manual adjustments are also built in.
• The standard software provided in any purchase is DCIDesktop®. DCI never charges any licensing or annual update fees. Technical phone support is provided at no charge throughout the lifetime of your warranty.
• With Dvision®, Digital Display owners are able to program their displays and create a variety of advertising schedules, including multiple ads per advertiser and reoccurring weekdays. DCIDesktop® is capable of years of advanced scheduling.


• Standard DCI provides a 5-year warranty for all DCI Digital Displays.
• DCI’s simplistic design only needs 3 connections per module, allowing for a more solid state working display.
• Silicone gel is applied to each module to provide maximum protection from the elements.
• We only use top quality American steel to manufacture our Digital Displays.
• DCI’s unique ventilation design allows the Digital Displays to function without the need of air conditioning.
• DCI Digital Displays are built so well that some have even survived hurricanes. This level of quality and workmanship is evident in every Digital Display manufactured by DCI.


• DCI insures on-time delivery of all products by adhering to specialized production timelines.
• DCI’s Construction and Sign Erection Department will assist in the planning, allocation, and coordination of all aspects for display installation.
• Training on the operation and maintenance of the digital display will be provided by DCI Certified Technicians as a selectable option.
• DCI field technicians are available in the purchase of every billboard for installation, consultation, and