Digital Billboard Features


Simple to Operate

DCI Billboard Displays use software that is designed to allow users virtually unlimited display options while maintaining a ease of use.

Display pictures, videos, text with just a click of the button.

Commercial Quality Video

DCI Billboards use a unique pixel blending algorithm to enhance the display of all video formats supported by the software. This results in higher quality video messages and gives the user a broader visual scope in which to work.

Versatile File Formats

DCI Billboard Displays allow for multiple file formats to be shown on the display. Video formats include AVI, SWF, MPG, and GIF files. Picture formats include BMP, JPEG, WMF, and EMF files.

The majority of third party software will be able to export to at least one of these file types.

Wireless Radio Communication

DCI billboards are connected using Wireless Radio’s to communicate between computer and display. DCI’s wireless radios connect at speeds up to 10x faster than the average wireless antenna.

Real-Time Updates

DCI’s billboard software keeps tracks of certain elements on the display making sure they are continually updated.

Automatic Illumination Control

DCI billboard users can set the display to automatically increase or decrease the levels of brightness being emitted by their display.

Enhanced Network Management Options

DCI’s billboard software allows the user to control multiple signs from a single location. Only one set of messages needs to be constructed and then can be sent to multiple billboards.

Internet Accessible

DCI billboard computers are connected directly to the internet. This feature allows the users access to unlimited amount of content and remote sign control through the web.

Remote Camera Monitoring

Each DCI billboard is equipped with a video camera s that the user may monitor the status of thier billboard through the internet.

Windows 7 ready

DCI billboard displays come equip with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.