DCI Elite Diagnostics System

DCI now offers a new Digital Diagnostics System that pinpoint’s hardware issues when they arise. This software helps diagnose exact problems allowing for faster more efficient hardware solutions.

Key Features

Split Second Monitoring

Utilizing an advanced processor system, the DCI Digital Diagnostic system is capable of scanning an entire sign in mere seconds. This ensures status updates are promptly reported to all parties with near instantaneous results. Customers no longer have to constantly check on their LED Billboard to make sure it is working.


24/7 Non-stop Scanning

The DCI Digital Diagnostic system constantly scans the hardware every minute to insure real-time status updates on digital billboards. This feature does not need to be schedule or manually run as it is automatic. The DCI Digital Diagnostic system allows you ease of mind in knowing that your digital billboard is in working condition.


Email Notifications

After a diagnostic scan is finished the system will email any detected problems to Datatronic Control, Inc. and to the sign owner. Multiple email accounts can be registered for a more inclusive notification. This feature insures that both DCI and the owner are made aware of any issues so as to address them in a timely manner.

  • Instant diagnostic reports available within seconds of initiating a scan.
  • Constant continuous scanning features make sure any LED Billboard issues are dealt with swiftly.
  • Status reports are emailed to both customer and manufacturer to ensure all LED Billboards are in perfect condition.


Diagnostic Specifications

  • Automatic continuous scanning of panels, power supplies, and electronic cards.
  • Noise correction software
  • Internet connection synchronization
  • Automatic power cycling of modem and router when needed to restore connection
  • Reports connection problems when they occur
  • Power cycles the computer as needed to maintain constant computer operation
  • Keeps track of the data connection between the computer and LED Billboard
  • Capable of restarting associated Web Cams
  • Tracks the temperature of the LED Billboard and cross compares to the local temperature listing on the internet
  • Monitors power supply voltage and will send alerts if voltage is too high or low
  • A Web Cam can be provided as an option for remote visual inspection of the LED Digital Billboard